1. Why Hayward Grp?

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  2. GRP Projects

Industries & Applications

Partners to industry

Hayward Grp provide a specialist GRP solution for a wide range of industries around the world. The main areas we serve are shown below.

The spread of industries we are a supplier to & serve, is testament to our flexibility and willingness to take on new challenges and adopt new approaches when required. Whatever your industry sector, whether established or merging, national or global, Hayward Grp has both the experience and the team to fulfil your requirements.

Click on the relevant industries for more information & pictures!

Quality – service – flexibility

  • architecturalArchitectural
  • automotiveAutomotive
  • buildingBuilding & Construction
  • furnitureCustom Furniture
  • exhibitionDisplay & Exhibition
  • utilitiesGas, Water, Electric Utilities
  • industrialIndustrial
  • interiordesignInterior Design
  • leisureLeisure
  • marineMarine
  • marine Medical
  • railRail & Mass Transit
  • retailRetail
  • signageSignage
  • somethingSomething Different

A Complete Service