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Architectural GRP and Fibreglass Moulding Manufacturers and Engineers

We have many years experience in producing architectural GRP and fibreglass mouldings of different shapes and sizes for varying applications. The Hayward Grp team have become trusted members of the design process on many construction projects; working alongside architects, builders and designers.

Hayward Grp have developed some of the most strikingly memorable architectural fibreglass moulding features on buildings across the United Kingdom. One such example is the award winning installation we created for The Lir, the National Academy of Dramatic Arts at Trinity College Dublin. Working with the project architects Smith and Kennedy, we rapidly took the project from brief to Installation to fashion a façade of perfectly moulded green spheres rising up the side of the building, like escaping bubbles of inspiration reaching for the skies.

This, and other breath-taking fibreglass moulding projects have enhanced numerous buildings and made them each more impactful and showcasing architectural expression. We have the know how and capability to manufacture fibreglass panels, cladding, wall features, column pillars, doors, spheres, chimneys, domes, ceiling features, furniture, signage, bespoke sculptures, structures and much more.

Fibreglass (GRP) is such a useful architectural material to work with because of its unique qualities:

  • Mouldable; under the right conditions and with the aid of an expert team of Fibreglass engineers, this material can be moulded into almost any shape imaginable to create architectural features that are practical, promotional or fantastical.
  • Lightweight; installation is far more straight forward as GRP is lighter than more traditional materials.
  • Durability; Fibreglass is UV stabilised to prevent discolouration; it’s resistant to all manner of extreme weather conditions. Fibreglass will not rot, rust or deteriorate. Different material combinations can be used to achieve the required specification, Fire retardant, chemical resistance, salt water submergence,ect.
  • Visual appeal; sleek contours, any shape, any colour, any surface texture.

Of course fibreglass does not just have decorative uses; it can also be incorporated into the construction of buildings in a far more functional way too.

To find out more about this, take a look at our building & construction page. For any aspect of a project that could benefit from our teams input, contact us to day on 01323 679555.

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