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GRP & Fibreglass Vehicle Body Moulded Parts, Components & Panels

Hayward Grp are moulded GRP specialists with experience across a wide range of sectors. We are a manufacturer of many components that are used in the Automotive sector, both for use on the inside and outside of vehicles.

When we say no job is too large or too small, we really do mean it. Our dedication to flexible scalability and affordable pricing means that whether you have a limited run of a particular moulding or you would like us to set up a production line to satisfy an ongoing demand, we can structure our service to suit your needs and budget.

Typical composite fibreglass components would include:

  • Interior or exterior panels
  • Dashboard components
  • Seats
  • Spoilers
  • Sills
  • Light pods and surrounds
  • Corner caps and profiles


This is by no means an exhaustive list and we can produce literally any quantity of any component that can be made from GRP. Of course GRP is an ideal material for use in the automobile sector for its unique qualities:

  • Lightweight; with fuel economy nearing the top of every commercial, leisure and family vehicle buyer’s list of requirements these days. Every ounce of weight saved through the use of lighter materials is a step towards beating the competition. GRP is light, strong and infinitely adaptive.
  • Flexibility; of style and use – Fibreglass can be moulded into any shape, created in any colour or finish, and replicated with extreme accuracy, a perfect material for use in a sector focused on the aesthetic aspect of their product and consistency of quality.
  • Durability; UV stabilised to prevent discolouration, resistant to all manner of extreme weather conditions, fire retardant (class 1/0 to BS 476 Part 7), and rot, rust and deterioration free. All of which are essential when considering the long-term prospects of a product that will be constantly exposed to the elements.


We are specialists in GRP moulded components, fibreglass car body parts and panel mouldings for buses, vans, trucks, trains and general automotive vehicles.

To find out more about how Hayward Grp can design, manufacture and supply you with precisely the components your business needs, contact us today. We are always available on 01323 679555.

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