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Custom Fibreglass Furniture

Bespoke GRP / Fibreglass Furniture – Public Seating, Chairs, Stools, Indoor & Outdoor furniture, desks, bars, lamp shades, retail furniture & display tables. 

Over the years, Hayward Grp have worked alongside some of the country’s leading design studios, harnessing our imaginative creativity to help them to fashion stunning pieces of bespoke fibreglass furniture and GRP composite structures at affordable prices. Our work can be found worldwide in universities, art galleries, nightclubs, international airports, hotels and many other private and public indoor and outdoor spaces. All of our work is made to order, to budget and to the highest standards.

Whatever your requirements, Hayward Grp has the experience and team to deliver top quality bespoke GRP and fibreglass furniture to custom specification. We have manufactured all kinds of fibreglass interior design elements over the years, from bespoke fibreglass planters and funky chairs to reception desks and lamp shades, we have the expertise, experience and production capacity to take on anything from a single one-off custom-designed piece to an ongoing production roll out.

Due to our status as one of the UK’s leading GRP composite moulding firms, we were recently delighted when asked to produce some bespoke display tables for Selfridges. We manufactured and delivered the large complex display tables quickly, efficiently and ahead of schedule. The client was so please we are now producing other elements for other stores throw-out the chain.

Fibreglass or GRP can be styled, moulded, cut or formed into any shape, given any colour or texture and is resistant to knocks, scratches, deterioration and all weather conditions. It is, therefore, the ideal material for producing any indoor or outdoor furniture or designer element you could imagine. This includes, but by no means is restricted to:

  • Public and group seating
  • Chairs and stools
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Reception desks and Bars
  • Retail furniture and displays
  • Planters and large pots
  • Lamp shades and lighting features


Every project is assigned a dedicated project manager to provide a continual source of updates and information and a smooth, successful delivery. When we say that no job is too big or too small we mean it, though we would also add that no job is too unusual or too specialised as well.
If you would like to discuss your custom furniture needs, please do call us on 01323 679555.

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