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Industrial Fibreglass Moulding

Quality Manufacturers of Precision GRP and Fibreglass Mouldings for Industrial Sectors

Hayward Grp offers over 35 years experience of working with clients in the design, develop and installation of composite GRP moulding solutions for industrial requirements. Of course the ‘Industrial’ header is incredibly broad, but then again, so are the uses of GRP across a whole range of industries and industrial needs. From small one-off mouldings to production runs that number in the thousands, no job is too small, too intricate, too pedestrian or too complex for our dedicated team of fibreglass engineers.

When Lloyds TSB were looking for a GRP specialist they turned to Hayward Grp. Their data control centre was going through a major overhaul and they were re-running high voltage and networking cables throughout the building. The specific issue they asked us to address was the use of a non-conductive material to form steps and a landing, under which many of the cables would flow. Fibreglass was the obvious solution, rigid, hard-wearing, non-slip and of course non-conductive. Working closely with our clients we were rapidly able to supply them with both the solution and the new staircase for installation. This is just a small example of the many, many uses fibreglass could have in the industrial arena.

Other uses could include:

  • Machine covers and guards
  • Enclosures, housings and consoles
  • Control panels and housings
  • Custom cable trays and ducts
  • Odour covers and modular tank roofs
  • High voltage shrouds


Of course, these are just a few examples of the huge number of items that could be made using this infinitely adaptive material. From pumping stations to valve housings and telemetric enclosures. GRP provides a durable and cost-efficient way to protect and secure valuable equipment from both the public eye and undesirable attention, whilst also being an environmentally friendly solution.

Fibreglass is so useful for industrial applications because it is:
UV stabilised and resistant to environmental extremes – so no matter whether installed inside or out, it will retain its integrity and finish far longer than most other materials.
Corrosion, water and chemical resistant – which once again lengthens its lifecycle.
Fire retardant and non-conductive – essential health and safety requirements for many industrial applications.
Lightweight and durable – incredibly good weight to strength ratio.
Limitless size, shape and finishes – meaning you can make what you want, how you want it.

To discuss how Hayward Grp could develop a GRP solution for your industrial needs, contact us today on 01323 679555.

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