2. GRP Projects


Multi-frequency Airborne Sea Ice Explorer

Hayward Grp where very pleased to work with NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute) to develop and manufacture their Prototype Aircraft Drone MAiSIE (Multi-frequency Airborne Sea Ice Explorer)
MAiSIE was a joint development between NGI the leading international centre for research and consulting and the Alfred Wegener Institute of Bremerhaven. MAiSIE was designed to map sea ice thickness with unmatched accuracy and detail whilst being towed behind either a helicopters or a fixed wing aircraft.
MAiSIE was constructed from E Glass multi-axial fabrics and a Vinyl-ester resin matrix, precise Tolerances and correct geometry where essential for all moulded components to ensure the accurate installation of the internal equipment, Hayward Grp provided calculations, FEA, Precision cnc milled patterns, production Tooling and of course the Aircraft drone.
NGI where extremely pleased with their Aircraft drone affectionately referred to as the Ice-Bird, she is currently in operational service over the Antarctic.

Hayward Grp specialise in the design manufacture and installation of high quality Grp / fibreglass moulded components, we have the facilities, knowledge, and expertise to deliver beyond expectation, this project serves as another great example of our ability to translate and turn client’s concepts into reality.

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