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Crash damage repairs

We’ve worked with Network rail on many projects over the years, mainly producing moulded components, points covers, tanking lids, train bodywork, enclosures, you name it, we’ve probably made it, recently we’ve been carrying out crash damage repairs to train front ends, this has been quite interesting for our national repair teams as we needed to develop a certified repair procedure that would keep both Bombardier and the insurance companies happy, after a little R&D the procedures and repair methodology’s where accepted by the clients and are now used throughout the rail industry to repair class 1/0 and phenolic laminates.

Hayward Grp specialise in the design manufacture and repair of high quality Grp / fibreglass moulded components and structures, we have the facilities, knowledge, and expertise to deliver beyond expectation, this project serves as another great example of our ability to translate and turn client’s concepts into reality.

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