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Quality Fibreglass Bespoke Aesthetic Mouldings – GRP Column’s, Covers, Ceiling Features, Surfaces, Merchandise Displays and Counter Tops, Point of Sale Displays, Seats, Stands and Planters

Hayward Grp are specialists in the design, moulding, fabrication and installation of anything and everything that can be made from fibreglass. The Retail sector is a prolific user of the material, from seating and counter tops to display stands and signage. So whatever your business needs, Hayward Grp are the experts to call.

Retailers’ use’s for fibreglass goes beyond the mere functionality of the moulding, as it can also be formed to offer exceptionally versatile architectural and aesthetic mouldings. How your store is styled says a lot about your brand and so there is a great demand for fibreglass columns and column covers, ceiling features and planters. Just a few of the many ways in which fibreglass can enhance the look and feel of your outlet.

Our fibreglass mouldings create eye-catching impact for any surfaces, displays, branding and furniture you may need. We can design and form items of almost any size, colour and finish. Over the last 25 years  we have been proud to work on a wide variety of projects from one-off fibreglass structures to production runs of a multitude of identical components.

Due to our status as one of the UK’s leading GRP composite moulding companies, we were recently delighted when “Three Mobile” approached us to manufacture the large pendant lamp shades for their mobile phone stores across the UK. We designed, manufactured, and distributed all of the required lamp shades to meet their roll out program with time to spare.

To give you an idea of the versatility of the Fibreglass or GRP composite material, here are a few reasons why it is so useful to the retail sector:

  • It’s light – easy storage and repositioning.
  • It’s durable – fibreglass is incredibly resilient to damage from accidental impacts and knocks and is ideal for use inside and out.
  • It’s vibrant – not the material itself, but the colours and finishes, shapes and sizes that fibreglass can be formed into, to offer retailers a great opportunity to create something truly spectacular or incredibly functional, depending on their needs and budget.


If you would like to discover more about the massive variety of items that can be made from fibreglass that could benefit your business, or to discuss a specific project, please do call us on 01323 679555.

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