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Survey Autonomous Semi Submersible – Vehicle Moulding Solutions
The Hayward Grp team of highly skilled engineers & fabricators work very closely with clients on all new projects. This is something that the company really enjoys!

We bring a wealth of manufacturing and composite experience to almost any project, our commitment to technical and composite solutions and our open minded approach is key when ensuring that your project exceeds expectation. One such project was SASS.

The Survey Autonomous Semi Submersible {or SASS} platform for Ocean survey was developed by innovative Uk based company ASV Ltd, industry leaders in unmanned marine vehicle systems. The platform which is intended to enhance or even replace conventional survey vessels will provide cost effective deployment of ocean censors. The 6 meter vehicle has a maximum speed of 10 knots and a payload capacity of up to 200 kg. It’s designed to be launched and recovered from a ship or deployed from the shore. The vehicle permits a wide range of sensor operations for near-surface and deep water applications. To date, the vehicle has been successfully operated with sonar’s for underwater survey and with cameras for above water surveillance. Furthermore, the vehicle has been a leading candidate for towed side scan sonar operations such as deep-water naval mine war fare and most recently the vehicle was evaluated by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defecse under their concept capability demonstrator program.

Here at Hayward Grp specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality GRP & fibreglass moulded components. We have the moulding facilities, knowledge, and expertise to deliver beyond expectation. This project and many other exciting projects we have produced serves as more great examples of our ability to translate and turn client’s concepts into reality.

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