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Ten Trinity Square

A truly stunning facade

The former Port of London building Located close to the Thames and the Tower of London, Ten Trinity Square commands views of the City, the river, and the world-renowned Tower Bridge, as part of its restoration the world class space is being transformed into one of the most outstanding Hotel, spa, restaurants in London.

The internal courtyard space at Ten Trinity Square has been carefully designed to represent an ever-changing and evolving landscape, which plays upon the natural elements of night and day, and utilises the rotunda’s reflective surfaces of glass and water. The 37 twisted Grp fins are also designed to create an optical illusion, giving shape to its geometric form whilst providing privacy for those hotel rooms overlooking the courtyard and lending a feeling of light and space.

This was a very interesting project for the Hayward Grp team, our brief was to work out how best to meet the design challenges of the project, we provided design assistance, FEA, calculations, precision tooling, fixtures and jigs and a working solution for the highly engineered Architectural Grp fins which adorn the glass facade with in the internal court yard,

The 37 architectural Grp fins which incorporated a 180 degree twist ranged in size from 10m to 14m in height, each fin also included 30 internal precision structural Grp elements which where cnc trimmed and accurately set in prior to joining as part of the manufacturing process.

Hayward Grp specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality engineered Grp / fibreglass moulded components and structures for companies through out the UK and Worldwide, We have the fibreglass moulding facilities, knowledge, expertise and team to deliver beyond expectation. This project serves as another great example of our ability to translate and turn client’s concepts into reality.

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