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GRP Fibreglass Mouldings for Medical Covers, Panels, Tables, Cubicles and Bespoke Equipment

Hayward Grp are recognised as being one of the country’s leading GRP/fibreglass specialists with decades of experience across numerous sectors. We are, therefore, able to focus our comprehensive understanding of the material to deliver rapid, affordable, precision moulding solutions for any purpose to exceptionally high and consistent standards.

GRP/fibreglass can be found in most hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, as the material is ideal for equipment housings, enclosures, ramps and consoles, to name but a few of the items we produce for the sector.

There are many other uses, such as:

  • Covers and panels
  • Shower trays and cubicles
  • Patient tables and side skirts
  • Enclosures
  • Threshold ramps
  • Steps and platforms

And this list just scratches the surface of the plethora of building, equipment and functional uses fibreglass may have in the medical workplace.

The material is widely used as its inherent properties make it particularly useful for the medical environment:

Finish – its smooth surfaces are hygienic because it’s easy to clean and keep sterile.
Weight – fibreglass, as we know, is a light material, so anything made from it is easily transportable with minimal effort: especially useful in large medical facilities.
Durability – many materials fade, crack, or deteriorate over time, but GRP/fibreglass is water, chemical, rot and rust resistant, meaning it has a longer, useful lifespan.
Malleability in production – fibreglass mouldings have few restrictions on size, colour or shape so in an environment where rounded edges are a must and where new and innovative ways of solving life’s problems are faced each day, it is an ideal material.
Non-conductivity – as the cover or housing for electrical equipment, non-conductivity is an essential health and safety requirement.

If you are responsible for the manufacture or maintenance of medical equipment or the medical facilities that house them, you will be looking for professionals who intimately understand the need for rapid response times, design precision, and service flexibility, and that’s what Hayward Grp are proud to offer to all of our clients.

To discuss your specific needs, whether they be small and one-off or for mass production, contact us today on 01323 679555.

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