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Rail and Mass Transit

Rail (Mass Transit) Interior and Exterior GRP Moulding and Fibreglass Solutions. 

Hayward Grp are GRP composite specialists who have been working with the rail, aviation and automotive sectors for many years on projects as diverse as complete train front ends to bodies for specialist vehicles and radar domes for air control towers.

Due to its exceptional resistance to fire, weather, water, and chemicals, GRP is the ideal material for use in all areas of the transport system. As a bonus, it is non-conductive, lightweight and extremely strong, making it both practical and budget-friendly.

Hayward Grp have over two and a half decades of experience designing, producing and installing all manner of GRP composite solutions across a variety of sectors and have built a reputation for rapid, scalable and an affordable fibreglass service. This is why when Network Rail needed a company to develop their points covers and platform tanking lids, and take responsibility for their train crash repairs they came to us.

More examples of our work could include:

Interior Fibreglass Composite Components

  • Toilet compartments
  • Interior panels
  • Dashboard components
  • Seat backs and components
  • Tables
  • Window trims


Exterior Fibreglass Composite Components

  • Body panels and wind deflectors
  • Corner caps and profiles
  • Battery and fire extinguisher boxes/enclosures
  • Sills and spoilers
  • Light pods and surrounds
  • Trackside enclosures


Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive.

Hayward Grp can assist on any size of project from a single fibreglass moulded item to a mass production run of precisely replicated components. Over the years we have honed our experience and processes to a point where our efficiencies can lead to significant cost savings for our clients. Our well-trained team are passionate and committed to excellence on every project.

To contact us to discuss the details of your moulding or fabrication needs, please do telephone us on 01323 679555.

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