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We’ve waxed lyrical about this in many of our other pages but GRP/fibreglass really is the most adaptive of materials and as such we have been asked to produce all manner of items over the years. Some simply cannot fit within any of the other 14 industry areas and categories that we have listed, so we have produced this page to cover anything else you could imagine, all the weird and wonderful projects we have been asked to partake in and will be asked to be involved with in the future.

Put simply, Hayward Grp are the country’s leading GRP/fibreglass specialists with over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience producing composite moulding solutions for businesses big and small, experimental and established.

If you can imagine a structure or component that you need, we can design it for you, fashion it from this exceptional material that’s non-conductive, strong, durable, and infinitely mouldable, finish it in any colour of the rainbow, and install it where it needs to be (if it needs installing).

An example of just how different our client’s requests can be, we were instructed to assist in the development of MAiSIE, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute’s Multi-frequency Airborne Sea Ice Explorer. Basically, MAiSIE is a three-metre long aircraft drone that measures ice thickness with incredible accuracy.

Another example would be the work we have done with Renew. We helped to produce their innovative multi-media recycle pods. This network of 200 installations within London’s square mile and many other countries worldwide, offer a pioneering digital advertising solution on the city streets whilst being environmentally friendly.

There are of course many other projects we could talk about such as sculptures for cruise liners, camera trolley covers for the 2012 Games, but the essence of what we are saying is, that whatever your GRP/fibreglass need, we have the skills, the expertise, the experience, and the team to offer you the ideal solution.

To discuss your project with us, please do call us on 01323 679555.

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