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Media and recycling ‘pods’

Media and recycling ‘pods’ - For the Square Mile in London and the global market place!

An amazing project in the heart of London, Working with leading designers Curventa and the client Renew, the Hayward Grp team helped take this project from concept to completion.

The new Bomb proof GRP composite recycle bins / media pods really look fantastic on the streets of London. It is hoped that the units will reach out to half a million City workers who commute to and from the Square Mile in central London every day.

The fibreglass media ‘pods’ will transmit breaking news stories, travel and weather information, and other news about the latest sport, fashion and the arts via the two built-in HD screens. The ‘media pods’ will also double as recycling points, previously there where no recycling bins on the streets of London due to the perceived threats of terrorism, but innovative firm “Renew” have now launched their state of the art bomb-proof bins. They are robustly built, with the bins also incorporate various blast-mitigating technologies, allowing them to be used as recycling bins in crowded locations.

The British-born project is already spreading around the globe with New York, Tokyo and Singapore’s financial districts, potentially taking on the concept. The city of New York has agreed to have a test pod in Lower Manhattan outside their stock exchange Working closely with the client, the Hayward Grp team developed, produced and delivered the visually striking and stylish external Grp / Fibreglass cladding, which envelops the state of the art bomb proof recycle bin and media units. The GRP moulded panels are perfect for cladding! This state of the art technology has been designed and engineered to withstand environmental extremes as well as unwanted attention by individuals.

Hayward Grp specialise in the full design, manufacture and installation of high quality GRP/ fibreglass moulded solutions. We have the fibreglass moulding facilities, knowledge, and expertise to deliver beyond expectation. This project serves as another great example of our ability to translate and turn client’s concepts into reality.

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